5 Great Things to Do for Your Overworked, Flat Feet Today

5 Great Things to Do for Your Overworked, Flat Feet TodayDo you have overworked, flat feet that could use a little “me time?” Chances are you do. So, why not take time out and show those tired tootsies that you really do care about them? It’s a lot easier to get started than many overworked Americans think. To prove our point, here are five great things that you can easily do for your overworked, flat feet today:

    Issue an Independence Day Proclamation

    Proclaim that it is Independence Day and release your feet from bondage. Once they’re out of your shoes and socks, wiggle them around a bit in the fresh air. Wiggling your naked feet al fresco may seem like a silly act but it’s really helping to do two, important things. First, it will help improve circulation in your lower extremities. And second, it will help get rid of any odor-causing moisture that may have been trapped next to your skin.

    Break Out the Herbs, Salts and Warm Water

    Now that you’ve got the blood flowing, prepare to break out the fresh herbs, salts and warm water. It’s time for a quick soak. There are many types of DIY foot soaks that may help temporarily wash away the pain and funk of the day. A few to consider are arnica tincture, chamomile tea, Epsom salts, vinegar and peppermint tea.

    Rub-a-Dub-Dub, It’s Better than a Scrub

    After the soak, dry off those flat feet and apply a wonderful moisturizer. Rub it in good and consider topping the massage off with a paraffin wax treatment to lock in the moisture. If you don’t have paraffin wax, try temporarily applying a heavy alternative that contains cooling agents. Examples include thick oils and petroleum jellies that have been infused with peppermint oil.

    Rest and Elevation

    Afterward, wipe off all surface traces of the wax, oil or jelly. When your flat feet are clean and dry again, go ahead and prop them up while you relax in your favorite chair. It’s a great time to elevate the legs and let your entire lower body rest up for the following day.

    Reach for a Pair of Massage Sandals

    Finally, if you have to get up and move around, reach for a pair of massage sandals without the toe straps. They are designed to help gently manipulate and support the arches while increasing blood flow. As such, they may just help get rid of any residual pain you may be feeling.