Author: Clearwater Foot Doctors

  • Podiatry Education Requirements

    The field of podiatry involves diagnosing, treating and helping to prevent foot and ankle conditions. Podiatrists provide medical care and can treat a wide range of problems including arthritis, hammertoes, bunions, arch problems, corns and heel spurs. Podiatrists study and train in order to become medical professionals. Details about the education requirements are below. Undergraduate […]

  • Get Rid of Foot Corns and Calluses Before Warm Weather Arrives

    Warm weather is coming and your tootsies need to be in excellent condition to pull off the hottest looks. Unfortunately right now, they’re literally a train wreck waiting to happen. You’ve got foot corns and calluses, not to mention ratty cuticles and discolored nails. What to do, what to do? We know, try these great […]

  • Diabetic Foot Care Tips

    Diabetes can cause problems with your feet. Foot disorders are some of the most prevalent and neglected health issues in the United States. Diabetes often reduces blood flow to your feet and this can lead to oxygen deprivation. The results are diabetic nerve damage that causes numbness as well as sores and infections. Several diabetic […]

  • Podiatry Team’s Best Summertime Advice for Families

    Before long, everyone will likely be running off to the beach or some great, vacation destination. And we know that means there will be a lot of bare feet on display. Although it is fun to bare it all from time to time, it can also create podiatry problems for men, women and children. So […]

  • Arthritic Foot Care: Is it Time to Ask the Doc about Joint Injections?

    Have all other forms of non-invasive,arthritic foot carebeen largely unsuccessful? If so, maybe it’s time that you asked your podiatrist about joint injections. There are 30+ different joints in each person’s foot alone and any one of them may become arthritic over time. Joint injections are an excellent way to target them and bring about […]