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  • What’s Causing Your Ankle Pain? Is It a Sprain, a Fracture– or Something Else?

    At its mildest, ankle pain is uncomfortable. In its most severe cases, ankle pain can be debilitating, rendering the sufferer unable to walk. Most often, ankle pain is described as a dull, persistent ache that occurs when the ankles bear weight or when they are in motion. Ankle pain can occur in anyone, regardless of […]

  • Ankle Sprain Study Released: Warning Issued to Women Who Love High-Heels

    In May 2015, The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery┬« published a study that confirmed what podiatrists have known for decades. High-heel shoes may potentially cause wearers to experience ankle sprains as well as a cavalcade of other injuries. The study looked at foot and ankle injuries over a span of 10 years, starting with […]

  • How to Treat Ankle Sprains

    Getting ankle sprains due to an accident can be painful and can result in mobility issues for a significant period of time. While the main recommendation when suffering with ankle sprain is to see your Clearwater podiatrist , WebMD has some ideas using what it calls the PRINCE approach….here is a summary: You should Protect […]