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  • Arthritic Foot Care: Is it Time to Ask the Doc about Joint Injections?

    Have all other forms of non-invasive,arthritic foot carebeen largely unsuccessful? If so, maybe it’s time that you asked your podiatrist about joint injections. There are 30+ different joints in each person’s foot alone and any one of them may become arthritic over time. Joint injections are an excellent way to target them and bring about […]

  • Ask a Foot Care Expert: What’s Up With All of This Intense Itching?

    When the majority of Americans hear that someone has itchy feet and ankles, thoughts of tinea pedis tend to immediately come to mind. Although it is often one of the chief causes of intense itchy, it by far, isn’t the only one. There are actually many conditions that may be behind the intense itching and […]

  • Arthritic Foot Care is Vital for People Living with Psoriasis

    Do you suffer from psoriasis? If so, it is important to be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. It is an immune disease that has a tendency to affect the foot and ankle of psoriasis sufferers who are over the age of 30. Those that have it typically experience swelling, […]

  • Proper Foot Care: More Than Words

    Usually only Clearwater podiatrists notice how many everyday expressions involve the feet. If you pay attention to common phrases, it’s obvious how important our feet are and why you need good foot care. Consider these scenes from real life: Feet come up often in the workplace. You may choose to follow in your friend’s footsteps […]

  • Toenail Disorders: 3 Good Reasons to Schedule a Podiatry Visit

    As any professional Clearwater podiatrist can attest, there are many different types of toenail disorders that can befall a person over the course of his or her lifetime. Fungal infections, which we’ve touched upon previously, are one of them. Here’s a look at three more that warrant a visit to the podiatrist: Periungual Warts Periungual […]