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  • Practical tips to help parents spot children’s foot problems

    Just part of growing up vs. the sign of a problem—managing children’s health and wellness is complicated for parents, who often struggle to know which signs and symptoms are temporary and those that point to more serious concerns. As parents transition back to the regular routines of fall with school and sports, the American College […]

  • Arthritic Foot Care: Is it Time to Ask the Doc about Joint Injections?

    Have all other forms of non-invasive,arthritic foot carebeen largely unsuccessful? If so, maybe it’s time that you asked your podiatrist about joint injections. There are 30+ different joints in each person’s foot alone and any one of them may become arthritic over time. Joint injections are an excellent way to target them and bring about […]

  • Ask a Foot Care Expert: What’s Up With All of This Intense Itching?

    When the majority of Americans hear that someone has itchy feet and ankles, thoughts of tinea pedis tend to immediately come to mind. Although it is often one of the chief causes of intense itchy, it by far, isn’t the only one. There are actually many conditions that may be behind the intense itching and […]

  • Arthritic Foot Care: Do You Suffer From Post-Traumatic Arthritis?

    Do you suffer from post-traumatic arthritis? It is one of three major forms of arthritis that may occur in a person’s foot and ankle region. As you may have already assumed, it develops over time and is brought on by injury. The injury sets off a chain reaction in the body that often results in […]

  • 5 Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries/Fractures

    Foot and ankle injuries, particularly stress fractures, are an unfortunately all-too-common side effect in many runners, athletes, and sports enthusiasts alike. Soccer and tennis players, as well as track and field participants are among the many people who need to adhere to strict training routines in order to avoid any lengthy and nagging problems from […]