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  • Morton’s Neuroma is Capable of Sidelining Tennis Pros and Amateurs Alike

    Many international tennis fans were saddened to learn about Milos Raonic. In the week before Memorial Day 2015, the 24-year-old, Canadian tennis player found himself in an unfortunate situation. The source of his consternation was an ongoing foot injury. For those that may have missed the sports headlines, he had Morton’s neuroma. The tennis pro […]

  • Can You Treat Morton’s Neuromas with a Trip to the Massage Parlor?

    Many Americans struggle with Morton’s neuromas. Blamed on repeated nerve irritation and compression, it causes people to experience great pain directly in between their third and fourth toes every time they take a step. Consequently, they may decide to get foot massages at the local mall. Although this sounds like a superlative idea, it isn’t. […]

  • Morton’s Neuromas: A Common, Painful Condition

    Have you ever felt excruciating pain in the ball of your foot? Was it enough to make you remove your shoes and check for small, foreign objects? If you didn’t find anything inside of your shoes, you could be suffering from Morton’s neuromas. Here’s a rudimentary summary of the condition and what can be done […]