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  • Local Podiatrist Visit May Help Solve Stubborn Toenail Fungus Problems

    With warm weather overtaking many parts of the country, its certain that many people will either be sweating in their shoes or running around barefoot. Unfortunately, those are two things that can lead to episodes of fungal toenails. Your Clearwater podiatrist can attest, if there is one thing that causes people to hide their feet […]

  • Diabetic Foot Care Can Save a Life

    For many people, feet are something that’s beneath their notice, so to speak. Unless the cause of an acute problem, they simply aren’t given much thought. Unfortunately, if you or someone you love has diabetes, you can’t afford to ignore these, the least noticed of our physiology. In fact, neglecting foot care in a diabetic […]

  • Welcome to Our New Website

    On behalf of Dr. Gary Goodman and his staff, we would like to welcome everyone to our new website for our practice. We encourage you to visit the site often as we will continue to add new information about different foot & ankle topics. Our hope is that you will find this website informative and […]