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  • Ingrown Toenails: A Painful Byproduct of Spring Beauty Treatments and Shoes

    As the weather warms up and open-toed shoes start to make their annual appearance, it’s common for incidents of ingrown toenails to go on the rise. The reason is most cases of ingrown toenails may be traced back to improper pedicures, ill-fitting shoes and toenail injuries. Understandably, all of those things have a tendency to […]

  • Ingrown Toenails Need Not Make You Groan

    Ingrown toenails curve and grow into the skin. This can create pain, redness and swelling in the toe. As long as no infection is apparent and you do not have a high risk medical condition (diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation) ingrown toenails can initially be treated at home. Home Treatment Soak toe in room […]